Facility management App by ReadyWorX

ALWAYS CONNECTED with your team, track there tasks and productivity.

Readyworx Facility management app is a white lable app customized for facility management companies, designed to be used on mobile devices, and suitable for a range of industries including manufacturing, construction, distribution, warehousing, utilities, hotels, restaurants, food processing, education, and more. The system allows users to manage maintenance planning and work orders on-the-go, with tools for work order creation, prioritization, signature capture, image annotation, asset data import, QRCOde scanning, inventory management, chat & collaboration, invoice creation, and more. Pay installment, maintenance fees, club fees & schools (optional with integration with Geidea gateway)

Digital pass Pre-register visitors according to the facility resident and can be bond by paying the Maintenance fees and Notifications and alerts are generated in real time, to inform users of any updates to tasks and asset failures. Work orders can be customized to track notes, create checklists, and measure values, with the ability to set priority levels and add pictures, files, or parts to each individual task. .

Data on existing assets can be imported, and team can scan QRCOde on digital passes for visites, reserve and schedule parts to be used in maintenance, and track part histories. Branded, customized request portals can be created to allow requests to be made by anyone, from any device, with notifications for new requests, and the ability to track request statuses in real time. Sensors can be integrated with our solution (optional), allowing users to monitor assets in real time, define conditions to automatically trigger maintenance requests, view detailed sensor reports, and more.

Our Digital pass with QR code can replace the physical cards affordable & easy to manange.

ReadyWorX Facility management can be integrated with our Smart city app by sending promotions and messages using push notification at your customers pocket.

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